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For me, my item is my stuffie. I think everyone has something they have attached to at some point and this is mine. When I go to the hospital, travel, or stay home you can believe Murphy is next to me. I know that when I get histrionic or schizotypal he is always there to calm me down until I feel better. Sometimes it helps to put things into perspective when you are around what matters most in life.

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Although he can’t always communicate in the same way living things can, there are some mental and physical effects to having him around. Frankly, I can think of someone other than myself when I need to and when I am too busy I am not harmfully negligent. I find these to be very theraputic.

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It’s honestly best to just leave him chillin in the most comfy places. I realize it goes against a lot of common practice but I’m serious. The next best thing is to NOT take him to the drycleaners. At least by a loved one. Murphy used to be dusty but not dirty and bright yellow until one horrible day they bleached him and covered him in wretched chemicals. Now I’d use 190 on a stain. (I’ve never had one.) At bathtime I’ll dampen my homemade soap and water on a linen and lightly towel him dry.

free glitter text and family website at

Being as schizo as I am, I always include Murphy in all the fun stuff. I know that it’s regarded as immature to take your stuffie in the car or on the plane and buckle him in but staff people love him wherever he goes. If I go to a dungeon or party with him I always find him a special seat or place so that everyone can visit with him. He has done a couple scenes with other stuffies and he’s stellar . If there is a lost stuffie he will try to find a home for them and is always up for cheering anyone up!


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